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Do the Dead Know We Miss Them? {with Bible Verses}

Do the Dead Know We Miss Them? The world of the dead is complex and there are a great many questions that have yet to be answered. What time is it? How long has the deceased been gone? Did they get through all the information they had stored in their minds while they were alive or did they leave a message behind for those left on Earth? Some say that the dead are aware of what has occurred since their passing, some say not at all. In this article, we will attempt to answer Do the Dear Know We Miss and Love Them.

Do the Dead Know We Miss and Love Them?

The dead do know we miss and love them. They are with us, even when they are not physically present.

The dead have no reason to complain about their lot in life. Those who have died a faithful death, who have loved and been loved by others, who have spent their lives making others happy and been made happy by those they cared for – they are at peace. They are not angry at the way things turned out. The only thing that bothers them is that they cannot be with those whom they love again in this life.

Those who have died with great love for family and friends will still be able to see their loved ones again in heaven. The spirit of a person who has died without having met Jesus is like a child without a mother or father – it does not know how to love or how to be loved. It is an empty shell of what it could have been if it had lived on earth to become part of someone’s family unit or community.

What does the Dead know by Heart?

The dead know all, but the living only a part. What they know by heart is a mystery.

What the dead know by heart is an exercise in memory, in remembrance, in remembrance of what has been, and always will be. It is also an exercise in patience. Waiting for the dead to speak to us is not like waiting for the future; it’s more like waiting for the past to catch up to us. The dead are beyond time, and so we must be too.

The dead have a language of their own that we can understand only when we learn to listen to it. The only way we can learn this language is by listening and speaking with them every single day. This means that every single one of us has a responsibility to make sure we pay attention when our loved ones talk about their lives before they passed away – or even if they’re still around but haven’t spoken for a while because they’ve been ill or busy taking care of family members who have died recently.

When a Deceased Loved One is Watching Over You?

When someone has passed away, it can be comforting to know that they are still around you. You may have a sense that they are close and watching over you, but what if you really believe that they’re with you? Is this possible?

In a sense, yes. It’s not uncommon for people to believe that their deceased loved ones are still present in some way. Many people have reported seeing their deceased loved ones during the time of their passing or afterward. This is especially true for children who see their deceased loved ones as angels or light beings, rather than as a physical bodies.

There are many reasons why people may experience seeing their departed loved ones during the time of their passing or afterward:

Some people may have had a vivid dream about the person just before his death.

Others may have had an out-of-body experience (OBE) where they felt as though they were “floating” above their bodies.

While others believe that they have simply been gifted with an increased sense of awareness and spiritual awareness

What are the Feelings When Dead Loved Ones Try to Contact You?

It is common for people who have lost loved ones to be confused or worried by the fact that they keep trying to contact them. In many cases, this is a sign of an afterlife spirit trying to help their loved one on their journey through the afterlife.

The most common reason for this is that these spirits are trying to guide their loved ones through what could be a dangerous area of the afterlife. For example, if someone dies in an accident and then goes into a coma, it could mean that there was some kind of trauma involved and that the person might have been hurt so badly that they didn’t make it back from their trip down into the land of the dead. This can be especially true when they don’t show any signs of waking up after being in a coma.

Here are some of the most common reasons why someone may try to contact their loved one after they died:

  1. They want to make sure that the person is in a good place.
  2. They don’t want to see anyone else mourn the loss.
  3. They want to apologize for something they did when they were alive.
  4. They want to make amends for something they did while they were alive.

Common Signs That a Departed Loved One is Contacting You

1. Sign One: Being Sensitive to Smells

When a loved one passes on, the smell of their favorite perfume or cologne may be what you are most inclined to notice. If you find yourself taking notice of this scent when it’s not your loved one present, perhaps it’s time to pay attention and see if anything unusual is happening in your life.

2. Sign Two: Hearing from Other Spirits

If you are hearing voices in your head, they may be spirits of people who have passed on who want to share their message with you. They may even ask for help or guidance with something that needs to be done on earth. If this happens, it should be taken seriously because these types of messages are usually very important and should not be ignored.

3. Sign Three: Hearing a Song on the Radio or in a Dream

If you are having a dream that features a song, it is highly likely that your loved one is trying to contact you. This can be a sign of an afterlife experience or simply just an auditory hallucination. Either way, you should know that this is happening and it may be important.

4. Sign Four: Receiving Emotional Messages

If you were recently in contact with someone who has passed away, chances are they want to tell you something. This can be through feelings of sadness, anger, or happiness. It may also be through words (although sometimes these messages are more subtle). In any case, if your loved one wants to communicate with you through emotions, then things will probably not go well for either of you if he/she does not have the appropriate knowledge about what happened during their time on Earth.

5. Sign Five: A Feeling of Presence

When you feel a presence, it’s most likely your deceased loved one. This can be a spiritual or emotional presence and is often accompanied by a feeling of sadness, grief, and longing. It may be difficult to differentiate between this feeling and the actual physical manifestation of your loved one’s spirit.

6. Sign Six: A Sense of Guilt

This is another common sign that you are being contacted by your departed loved one. If you receive an apology from them for something they did in life, it’s possible that they are trying to make amends for their actions before their death. If this happens frequently, then it could mean that there were things that needed correcting in the afterlife that needed to be corrected on Earth as well.

7. Sign Seven: Finding a Coin

If you receive a coin in the mail and it’s not yours, you should immediately report it to the post office as stolen. Stolen items are frequently used as tools for psychic contact, so if you find one, be sure to do something about it right away!

It is a fact that the Bible does teach that our departed loved ones are with the Lord and are watching over us. We should not fear what happens to us after this life because there will be another life, another chance to live again. As Christians, we will have eternal life with our Heavenly Father when we go to heaven. Our family members who passed away before we miss us in heaven and they want us to know that they are fine, happy, and well taken care of at the hand of Jesus Christ.

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